Media players are very obvious software for every Computer user no matter he or she is an advanced user or a normal user we all use media players. have you ever think that what are the “Top 5 Best Media players” ? well, there is nothing like top or best because users opinions are different according to their likes and dislikes. Some user gives importance to user Interface, some users need full control and better resource management etc.

So it’s difficult to list Best media players but still here we have a list of Top 5 Best Media Players that are really amazing and you should try them at least once.

Top 5 Best media players For Windows:


MPC-HC or Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a very popular media player (maybe after VLC) which offers you almost all features of a premium media player for free. It’s also ad free so you never feel that you are using a freeware.

top 5 best media players

If we talk about its user interface than I can say it’s a very user-friendly player and you can find all option just by a right-click. You can play all popular media formats like Matroska(mkv), AVI, MP4, 3GP, MP3, DVD files and many other file formats. Audio quality is also best and it also supports subtitle feature like any other player so I think it’s an overall best media player and if you are using VLC and want to try any VLC Alternative than MPC-HC is the best Choice.


2. VLC

Maybe you are thinking now that why VLC is on number 2 in this Top 5 best media players list? yes VLC is the best player but it has some issues with audio so it’s on number 2 in this list.

VLC is a well-known player so I don’t think that I have to write so much about VLC. VLC is a media player that can run almost all media files and provides you a really easy interface that anyone can use it player controls are also so flexible so you can easily play, pause, mute video and audio files. it also has many shortcuts that are very handy. If you will look at advanced features then you can find many advanced features that you never realize from that simple interface but it has so many advanced features like streaming, synchronization settings, graphic equalizer etc.


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3. Leawo Blu-ray Player

Leawo Blu-ray Player is the player that will really attract you when you’ll use it for the first time. bluray player adjusts video settings in a different way and it tries to provide you a better video quality even when the video quality is low. it adjusts brightness, contrast and other things to show the best quality.

When you will install Leawo first time and run it you’ll feel a laggy interface for the first time but it’s just for the first time and I recommend you to use this player surely you’ll like it.

Leawo Bluray player can play Blu-ray DVD and all video files smoothly in high quality like 1080P. Other media player features are also included in this combo player.


4. POT Player

POT player is an another light weight media player that you can use if you haven’t found any good player yet.

top 5 best media players

This player provides you all features of a media player for free other than this you can also use some advanced feature like choosing different sound cards if you have more than one sound card installed. Overlay, Flipmode etc.


5. GOM Player

On number five in this list of Top 5 best media players, we are placing GOM player. Gom is one of the best players but in the free version, it shows ads sometimes. Gom player can play all video formats for you and if you like it you can buy GOM plus to access extra features. Other than basic features you can play 360 videos and also search for codecs and subtitles. You can control Gom using Gom remote application so it’s easy to handle Gom.


Final Words on “Top 5 Best media Players”

So maybe I have tried my best to find out some best free media players and listed them here and I hope you found this article and these media players useful you can share this with your friends and subscribe us on YouTube to make me happy. 🙂

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