The world is a place that is growing and improving with many companies with unique and attractive names that attract customers. One of their tricks is making a very eye-catching and distinctive logo for their brands. Here I will introduce to you five free websites that help us design a simple and beautiful logo with just a few clicks!


Tools to Design Logos

BrandCrowd is a website for those of you who like a simple and recognizable style. Backgrounds seem a bit monotonous but extremely useful to use for your website, store, or any other product you own.

The logo templates here are created based on the name you give. It can be a business, chain store, or even from your own name. The layout of images and fonts makes me sure that BrandCrowd knows what its customers are looking for.

The simplicity and its speedy to have a lovely logo on this website make it a noticeable advantage. You can ultimately create a logo with colors that match the style you want.

The footage, wine bottles, hot coffee – familiar images that make our logo memorable and uncomplicated. Websites help us keep up with trends without being fussy and cumbersome.


Tools to Design Logos

DesignEvo is a website suitable for those who want to start up. Confused about which logo to choose that is both “unique” and cost-effective? It sounds like difficult criteria to meet, but don’t worry because the popular DesignEvo logo maker is there.

This website is one of the addresses that you cannot ignore. With diverse themes and rich icons, you only need to fill in the rest. DesignEvo will take care of the logo production that only you own.

For those of you who have a personality or have a logo idea before, you can also design your own logo with many different designs through this website. Let’s get started with DesignEvo for more than 10,000 different logo templates!

Tailor Brands

Tools to Design Logos

This is one of the famous websites with eye-catching logos and icons that match your theme. With an easy-to-see interface and easy-to-understand titles, customers can discover more new things from the website.

There are many options available to you on this site. It can be the brand name of a store, service, or hotel, but if you want to add details to make the logo stand out, you can also briefly describe the concept you want.

The rustic but still combined with multi-dimensional features make Tailor Brands extremely convenient for customers.

The logo search tool is extremely useful to help you easily create your favorite logo. The website is extremely sophisticated when it comes to both the font and the type of logo you want, hopefully creating the right logo for the customer.


Tools to Design Logos

The colorful bird symbol represents the convenience that Hatchful can bring to customers. The uniqueness of the presentation creates a user-friendly look.

Feel free to be creative with topics like fashion, beauty, and home decor, all perfectly suited to your taste and personality. There are many logo templates to help design and selection become light and bold. In addition, you can also insert a slogan (slogan) for your brand name.

By offering logos suitable for different types of businesses, Hatchful has conquered many people to trust and come to this website. The variety and closeness are one of the secrets that make this name so popular with many users.


Tools to Design Logos

A familiar name, right? Not only for those of you who still sit on school chairs but also for those who work at desks often – Canva is a name that is no longer a stranger.

True to its popularity, Canva is a multi-purpose website. Presentations, posters, or even live social media posts are all areas Canva “plays”. Logo design is also one of them, colorful images and full of designs.

Don’t worry if you are just experiencing Canva for the first time, as the suggestions are given always make your operation easier. If you feel Canva is a useful website, try supporting the site with the Canva pro package to receive more incentives.

Good luck

So just now, I have shared with you about five extremely popular websites so that you can turn your logo ideas into reality. The variety and richness of logo templates are not only in the special designs, but they also bring inspiration to everyone.

Good luck in creating your own logos!


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