3 Best Apps to hide text messages: If you do not want to hide the SMS on your Android device, we will give you the solution in today’s article. We bring you 3 Best apps to hide text messages on Android. With the help of these Best SMS hiding Apps, you will be able to protect your SMS so no one can see them even they have your phone in Unlocked condition.

How to hide SMS in Android & why?

Android has tons of apps that can do really amazing things and protecting the data is very easy in Android. With the help of some apps, we can hide and Lock our messages so only superuser can see them. SMS can have some sensitive data sometimes so it’s necessary to lock them. For example your Bank’ SMS.

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Hide text messages on Android

These 3 Best applications that allow us to hide text messages in Android. We will talk about 3 very good apps, but you can download the one you want from the store, as there are many. Using these tools, you can hide the messages you want, because for now, it is not something that Android allows by default.

Vault-Hide SMS-photos-videos

With this fabulous app, you can do much more than hiding SMS. It also allows you to hide images, videos, SMS and even call records and contacts on your phone. Its very complete app. In addition, it has a 4.5 rating.

Vault - Hide Pics, App Lock
Vault - Hide Pics, App Lock
Developer: Wafer Co.
Price: Free

Hider App

With 4.5 rating this app is also one of the main ones on the Play Store that allows you to hide text messages. You can enhance your privacy because it allows you to hide what you do not want to show to others who look at your phone. Not only you can hide SMS, also photos, videos and what you do not want to show.

Private Message Box: Hide SMS

In third place, we have this app which is also very good in terms of protecting your SMS. Its main objective already says the name of the application. You can hide the SMS or MMS with a PIN. In addition to other data, such as telephone calls.

Private Message Box : Hide SMS
Private Message Box : Hide SMS

These are the  3 Best apps to hide text messages on Android that we recommend. But if you take a look at the Google Play Store, you’ll see more good options.

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Have you tried any of these apps? Which one do you prefer, tell me in the comment section?


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