5 Best Text Editors For Developers 2018: A text editor or IDE is the basic requirement for a  Software Developer & believe me a great editor is really helpful when you write your Beautiful code.


Choosing The Best Code Editor for developers is not easy because everyone has their own choices. For example, I personally prefer dark themes in the Text Editor, Some developers prefer a full IDE instead of a text editor. Text editor over an IDE is great because they don’t take so much storage and they are extremely fast. SO here I am listing 5 Best Text Editors For Developers in 2018 so you can choose the right one.

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1. Sublime Text

sublime free downloadSublime Text is a powerful text editor and it’s my current Text Editor. Sublime is the fastest text editor among all we are going to talk about. This text editor response almost immediately when we open it. It has tons of useful plugins that can convert it to get nearly all features which an IDE can have. and it’s also available as a Portable version so you can use it without Installing it. Sublime is one of the Best Code editors for Developers.

sublime cool themes

Sublime Package Control has a wide range of plugins to install inside Sublime so you can add more features to it and customize it in the way you like. You can Download Sublime Text for Windows, Mac & Linux.

Download Sublime Free

2. VS Code

vs code cool setupThis is the most popular Text Editor nowadays and developers really like it because of its features like an IDE. Vs code is built by Microsoft and its open source project so it’s available for free. Because it’s open source so it’s development is growing rapidly fast and every built comes with new features and a more user-friendly environment.

Vs code has an inbuilt debugger and git integration which is the most useful and unique feature you can get in a text editor.

vs code themes

Vs code gives you the ability to add extra features in the Text Editor using the extensions which you can directly browse from the sidebar within the Editor or you can visit the Vs Code marketplace.

Download Vs Code

3. Atom Text Editor

_atom-text-editorAnother Great and user minimal text editor made by Github and available for free for everyone. I have used this editor for some time and I was very satisfied with it. Atom is built on the top of the electron js framework so it’s not very responsive when we open it if we compare it to Sublime, but once it started you won’t feel any lag that I noticed sometimes in VS Code.

Atom light theme

Like the other text editors, it also has many extensions and cool plugins to customize the editor.

Download Atom

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4. BracketsText Editor

brackets EditorBrackets is an open source text editor for developers created by Adobe. Adobe is famous for it’s editing software and most of them are paid. Brackets is free and a great editor. Although it’s not popular like VS Code and Atom, still it gives you a great environment to write code. It’s lightweight so a low-end PC can also handle it. and you can add extra features according to the programming language you are working.

brackets text

Download Brackets

5. NotePad++

Notepad_plus_plusThe name which doesn’t need an Introduction. Notepad ++ is one of the most popular text editor available for developers as well as for normal users.

This is the first editor I have used for programming and I really like it. It’s one of the smoothest and fastest text editors for developers.

notepad-plus-plus cool themes

Download Notepad++

Final Words

These 5 Best Text Editors For Developers 2018 are the most popular and the most reliable text editors that you can use to code daily. If you don’t like an IDE one of these text editor is perfect for you.

If I missed something please let me know in the comment section.


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