How to play PUBG Mobile On PC: One of the biggest successes of Fornite and PUBG ( PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ) they have launched a mobile version of PUBG and the game is almost like the PC version. The graphics of this game is really great and other features are also same as the PC version.


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Why Do anyone want to Play PUBG Mobile Version in PC

Now the question is if we have the PC version of PUBG then why the hell people are crazy to play PUBG Mobile version on PC. So the biggest difference between PUBG PC version and the mobile version is that the PC version is paid and The Mobile version of PUBG is free and anyone can download it from PlayStore. For this reason, when it was officially launched, many players began to emulate it in order to play it from a PC with a mouse and keyboard. Obviously, this offered a lot of advantage over other players, since you can be much faster and more precise with this method.

Play PUBG Mobile with mouse and keyboard

Playing PUBG using Keyboard and mouse is easy using the Official PUBG PC emulator. You can use this emulator and install PUBG mobile on PC and play against other Players.

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How to play PUBG Mobile On PC officially

To play PUBG mobile on PC just download the Official PUBG emulator from the link given below and follow some simple steps.

Download PUBG Emulator

Once you download the Emulator make sure…

  • You are connected to the internet while installing the Downloaded .exe file.
  • You have enough disk space where you will gonna install the game.

PUBG PC emulator

At the moment, this tool is in beta, so we could find some failures and will surely improve over the months.

You can play PUBG in ULTRA HD

The advantage of PUBG Emulator

  • You can only play against other users who have the emulator installed (much fairer).
  •  Ability to record the game and taking screenshots.
  • The controls are configured by default to enjoy an experience with mouse and keyboard.
  • Option to choose between three resolutions: 720p, 1080p, and Ultra HD 2K.



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