Control Computer by Android Phone: Although Mobile Phone is the most useful gadget of our daily life.We don’t use Computer so much but We can’t ignore it because it’s the most useful part of our professional Life. If you wonder how you can use your Android Mobile to control your Computer or Laptop then don’t worry. There are some applications available on PlayStore That allow you to do this.

android mouse for PC

Controlling a computer from your mobile

It’s Easy to Control Computer From a mobile Device because mobile Technology is growing so fast and it’s a need also. You can some apps that allow you to do this but here I am showing you one of the best app to control your PC/Laptop using Android Phone. This app is developed by Asus and it’s really great, This is a Remote Control for your PC and Laptop.

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How to Control Laptop using Phone

The app We are Going to use uses the Bluetooth or WIfi to connect to your Laptop or PC so you should have Bluetooth or WiFI in your Computer.

  • First of all Download The Asus Remote link software on PC.


  • Install it on your PC/Laptop. (Detailed Instructions are here ).
  • Now install Remote link app on Android.
Remote Link (PC Remote)
Remote Link (PC Remote)

control pc by android

Now you will be able to connect the app to the PC using Bluetooth and you can control your Laptop or PC by your Phone.

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What can we do with it?

Once the application is configured, we can use the mobile screen as a trackpad. Something we liked about this application is that it supports multi-touch gestures, so we can navigate between web pages by sliding with two fingers on the mobile touchscreen.

android mouce for PC

Among other features, this application also has the ability to control PowerPoint, and multimedia control buttons, being able to stop or play or pause any music or video remotely.

Overall this is a great app if you want to control some basic stuff in your Laptop such as music control and page scroll.


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