Get Google Lens on any Android device: Maybe most of you already knew about Google Lens. It is the artificial intelligence based feature by Google that recognizes objects and provides us with diverse information about them. Until now, it was only available for Google Pixel and a few other devices but finally arrives officially to all Devices.

Get Google Lens on any Android device
Get Google Lens on any Android device

In addition, according to a tweet published by the company itself in the official account of Google, this feature would also reach iOS devices very soon, so we could enjoy it virtually on any smartphone, regardless of the operating system version.

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How to Get Google Lens on any Android device

It’s quite easy to get Google lens feature in your Android Device because it’s officially available now and you can use it just by using Google’s Photos App.

Google Photos which is an App to organize and backup/sync photos now updated and has inbuilt Google Lens feature.

Steps to Get Google Lens on any Android device

If you are already using Google Photos app then you can update it to get this option or if you don’t have Google Photos app installed then install it from the link given below.

  • Download Google Photos.
Google Photos
Google Photos
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
  • Now when you open any photo in Google Photos app you can see this lens icon.

Get Google Lens on any Android device

  • When you tap on that icon Google Lens will start recognizing that object.

Get Google Lens on any Android device

  • Once done it’ll show you all the results matching to that image/object.

Get Google Lens on any Android device

This was just an Example you can do a lot of useful things with the help of Google lens. You can find a book just by scanning the cover page. You can get info about animals, insects, plants etc.

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Final Words

Google Lens is really a powerful tool to find info about real life objects and it’ll gonna change the way of browsing the internet in Future. If you like this Article then like Our Facebook Page and Subscribe my YouTube Channel to get latest Updates.


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