Download PUBG Lite For All Android: The most popular Game PUBG is on everyone’s mobile now and every Mobile Gamer enjoying a lot. The only thing that some people don’t like is that PUBG is not compatible with their devices because they don’t have enough resources to handle that Big Game.

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PUBG Lite is the Solution

Lite Apps are always a solution for low-end devices and we have talked about many Lite apps before, Such as Spotify Lite, Instagram Lite etc. Probably we have never seen any Mobile Game’s Lite Version but now you can Download the very popular PUBG game in a Lite version. Now you can Download PUBG Lite For All Android from the PlayStore.
Developer: Level Infinite
Price: To be announced
If you see Your Device is incompatible with this app then you can download this PUBG Lite Game from the link given below.

Download PUBG Lite

What’s the difference between PUBG & PUBG Lite?

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Well if the game is the same then how can they reduce the size and make that play in low-end Phones? Maybe you are thinking about it, But the answer is pretty straightforward, They surely gonna reduce the graphics and they also reduced the total number of participants per game. 

Even Phones With 1GB RAM can Play PUBG

PUBG Lite is designed for phones that don’t have enough Ram and Storage so a phone with 1GB Ram can also run this New version of PUBG.


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