Recently Google announced a new application for its Android Go devices that nobody expected. It is an image gallery based on Google Photos that do not need the photos app but works like that. It is smart and has almost all features you can get in a photo gallery for your smartphone. The name is Gallery Go and you can now try it on your device. It is not necessary that you have an Android Go in your possession, simply a mobile with Android 8.1 Oreo or higher will be ok to install this new app by Google. If you meet this requirement you can install the application from this moment. The main reason to install it is that it occupies very little space & its simplicity and the possibility of ordering photographs automatically.

Gallary Go Small Size Google Photos alternative by Google

One of the most interesting features of Google Photos is the one that allows you to create albums by people. The application detects a person’s face and creates albums with all the photos in which it appears. This great feature is also available in Gallery Go, although in a more limited way due to the lack of data in its operation.

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Dark mode, face albums & many great features

Gallery Go was announced for all devices with few resources that need it. It is an extremely simple gallery application but with a very interesting minimalist touch. It offers dark mode by default and can display our content by folders.

In the main view, there are 3 columns in which the photographs we have taken with our smartphone are shown. At the top, we find the capture and video folders. If we go down to the bottom we have a section of folders in which we can see all the folders in which there are images or videos.

It works extremely well and when we enter a photograph it allows us to share it, improve it automatically, edit it or delete it. In the editor, you can perform the basic actions and also include a series of filters by default. Everything works fast, although we are testing the application on a mid/high-end device.

Gallery Go has the possibility, through Google’s algorithm, to recognize faces and create personalized albums. It is something you can do without the need for the internet connection, although it is not available in all countries.

If you were looking for a simple gallery, with a size of about 10 MB and that does not need the internet to work, Gallery Go seems one of the best options at this moment. It is totally free and compatible with mobiles with Android Go & without Android Go.

Download Gallary Go

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


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