Netflix has become one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world thanks to its own productions such as  Stranger Things . The science fiction series has “hooked” half the world to the little one thanks to some plots that have surprised the vast majority of viewers around the world. Well, Eleven, Mike and company have returned to the with a new season full of shocks from which, an Android game has been created.


Today we talk about Stranger Things: The Game, the new Android game based on the famous Netflix production that is shown as real delight for fans of the series. This is a retro RPG game that has been developed by BonusXP . The game has 4.9 stars on Google play store so you can guess how awesome the game is.

You can now download Stranger Things: The Game


A couple of years ago, the developer BonusXP surprised the world with  Stranger Things: The Game and as one of the most outstanding games of 2017. Now, the title is renewed based on the third season of the series. Stranger Things 3: The Game is now available on all mobile platforms


It is necessary to remind that all those who have not seen the new season yet, don’t play it if you don’t want any spoilers. Stranger Things 3: The Game returns us to the Hawkins plot through a game form based on solving puzzles and constantly fighting against all kinds of creatures from the other dimension. The key is to interact with the rest of the characters to solve all the possible missions that take you on a safe path. In addition, in this edition, we can play as a team of two players thanks to the new multiplayer mode.

In general, we talk about a retro game based on the typical adventure theme that integrates the Stranger Thing plot as the maximum attraction for users. Now you just have to download it and enter fully into the small town of Hawkins. What we don’t know is if you can leave it in one piece


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