Tor browser official APK download: There are a lot of browsers that you can download from the play store. These browsers come with many features but none of them purely focused on privacy. Although Brave Browser is a better choice if you are looking for an Adblocker + Browser and it also cares about your privacy too but it’s not secure and private like The TOR.

Tor Browser For Android

If we talk about the most secure and private browser then Tor is the only one that a common person can use. Tor Browser is focused on privacy and it’s available for windows, mac, and Linux for a long time.

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Now Tor is officially released for Android and you can use this private Browser on your Phone. When you use Tor Browser it’s almost impossible to track your activities and you can browse privately.

Tor is the key to Surf Dark/Deep web

If you have ever heard about the deep or dark web then probably you have also heard about Tor Browser. Tor Browser for Android can now help people to browse the dark web from their Android Phone.

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If you are thinking that Tor is just a VPN which changes your IP so someone cannot track you easily then you are wrong. Tor is more complicated than that. Tor allows you to browse anonymously and it’s almost impossible to track your activities when you are on the Tor network.

Some Tor Browser Features

  • Hides your online identity.
  • Helps to browse onion sites.
  • Blocks every browser functions that can track your activity.
  • Free to use.
  • Cross Platform.

Tor browser official APK Download

Tor browser for Android is still in Alpha stage but you can still download it from the playstore or you can use the direct APK link to download it.

Tor Browser (Alpha)
Tor Browser (Alpha)
Developer: The Tor Project
Price: Free

Download APK


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