How to Activate Incognito Mode in the YouTube App: YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform we have. According to a report, Youtube and Instagram are the top 2 online sites teenagers use most. Facebook was on top Before but now teenagers spend more time on Youtube.

YouTube Added Incognito mode feature in it’s Android App

Most of the users use YouTube on their Smartphones that’s why big companies like Google, Facebook try to give most of the new features to their Mobile app users first. You can see new update at least 1-2 times in a week for popular Android apps. Every update includes improvements and new features.

YouTube Incognito Mode Feature is out for all users

In the latest update of the YouTube app, Google added a really cool and useful feature. You can now activate Incognito Mode in the youtube app and watch videos privately. When you surf the Internet on Incognito mode your history won’t be saved in the browser. The same feature is now available in the Youtube app when Incognito mode is activated and you search or watch any video on youtube the video and search history wouldn’t be available next time you open the app.

How to activate YouTube Incognito Mode

If you want to use the YouTube Incognito Mode in Android app then you don’t need to do anything special. Just Go ahead and update YouTube app from the Play store & open the Youtube app after the update.

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Now follow these simple steps you active Incognito mode in YouTube App.

  • Tap on your Profile Image on the top right corner and you’ll see a page like this image.


  • Now choose the “Turn On Incognito option” & you are ready to watch videos privately.
  • The app will display info about the new feature and your Profile image will be changed temporarily.











You can search any video and watch that it and the app will erase that history once you exit the app.

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Why this feature is useful

There are many reasons this feature can be useful for you, But the reason i like it when someone other watches Youtube videos on your phone the Youtube start showing related videos in your suggestions. It’s very annoying because we never wanted to watch that type of videos. So when someone else wants your Phone for watching YouTube you can turn on the Incognito mode and youtube won’t save that history to show you the suggestions.


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