Do you want to install the Pixel Launcher on your low-end mobile? This launcher is exclusive for Google phones, but you can install it on almost all mobiles through APK.

But if what you have is a low-end mobile or does not have much RAM, it is best to install the new Pixel Launcher Go an optimized version that consumes much less resources and is available for almost any Android. It has an appearance very similar to the standard Pixel Launcher, but with some details that make it lighter, both when installing it and in the consumption of RAM.

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Pixel Launcher for Low RAM devices

If you have a mobile that has difficulty moving around the interface and some launchers do not run at all well, it is best to try the new Pixel Launcher Go, which is the version adapted for mobile with Android Go. Like the Go applications, the launcher is optimized to work with very few resources.

How to install the Pixel Launcher Go on your Android mobile

If your device has 1GB or less ram then almost all launchers will have performance issues on your device. You can use the new Pixel Launcher GO and I am sure it’ll work without any lag. The installation process is very simple for this launcher you just have to follow these steps in order to have this launcher your low-end Android.

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Pixel Launcher Go APK for low ram Devices:

  • Download the Pixel launcher from the link given below.


  • Now install it and set it as your Default launcher.

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That’s all you have to do to get the new Pixel launcher Go on your device. This launcher is just 1.7 MB so you can imagine the resources usage of this app.


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