How to get WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch

WhatsApp has changed the way we communicate. Now we spend a lot of time on WhatsApp and the company also trying to give a better user experience to users. Whatsapp adding more and more features in every update and that makes this app much better than the other competitors.


You have an Apple watch and you want to get WhatsApp notification on Apple watch? Then you are at right place. Today I’ll tell you how to get WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch.

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Activate WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is probably the Apple device that you use most Because you wear it all the time and you can get all the reminders and all the notifications in it. If you haven’t activated the WhatsApp notification in Apple watch then just follow the steps below to Get WhatsApp messages on Apple watch screen.

Steps to Get WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch :

You can get all the Whatsapp notifications in Apple watch just by changing a simple setting from the native iOS app. Without installing third-party applications, or paying anything. The Apple Watch is able to replicate iPhone notifications on the watch, without having to configure anything weird. I’ll tell you how?

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Access the Notifications option
  3. Activate the WhatsApp option.


Just after doing these changes Now you will receive WhatsApp notification on your Apple Watch with each message. It is very useful because from now on you can answer the messages from the Smartwatch itself, or answer a message with emoji.

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Of course, remember that at the moment there is no official WhatsApp app for Apple Watch, so you can not access the list of messages from your smartwatch, or start a new conversation to a user.


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