How to send Stickers on WhatsApp: Stickers are a big part of chat apps and some apps like Hike/Line has stickers as their primary feature. Emojis are great because they are instant and you don’t need to wait to upload anything like the image and you can send then even in the slow internet and it’s a great way to express your emotions.


Stickers are also like emoji that you can send instantly and because they are small in size so you don’t need to wait to upload them. The most popular messaging app WhatsApp has added sticker support in it’s latest version. Although we can get so many cool features in the Moded version like GB WhatsApp, stickers were not the part of that yet. Now WhatsApp has officially added Stickers and you can send stickers in your chat.

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How to send Stickers on WhatsApp

Stickers are now the part of WhatsApp app so you don’t need to download any extra app to get sticker support in WhatsApp you can follow some simple steps when you are chatting and you can send the sticker to you loved once.

1. Tap on the emoji icon

2. Tap on the sticker icon in the bottom-center

3. Choose a sticker or download new

4. Send your favorite sticker

So these are 4 simple steps to share stickers in Whatsapp chat. Whatsapp gives so some inbuilt stickers but if you want to have more stickers you can download more stickers from other apps available on Playstore.

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