How to Record Internal Audio in Android: If you are an Android Gamer and want to stream your Game Clips on Youtube Or any other Streaming platform then you’ll need a Game Screen Recorder for sure.

Many screen recorders available for android can’t record internal Audio and that’s why when you record game the audio is noisy. But I have a solution and I’ll show you How to Record Internal Audio in Android.

Why You Need to Record Internal Audio On Android

When you record games using a screen recorder it records the audio coming from the MIC so the audio includes many unnecessary voices. And if you upload the video on YouTube it’s not a Good Impression so make sure your Game clips are Good as well as the audio is also clean.

What you Need to Record Internal Audio On Android

  • Android Phone
  • Device Must Be Rooted
  • Screen Recorder (SCR recorder).

Recording Internal Audio is not possible without ROOT access because of Android’s security policies.

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How to Record Internal Audio in Android

  • If your Device is rooted then you just have to Download SCR Screen Recorder.


  • Now install the app and open it.
  • When it asks you to enable Display POP UPs permission the Go to your permission manager and give the display popup permission.

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  • Now Grant the Superuser Permission.

  • Go to App setting and Choose Internal in the Audio section.

After Doing this you’ll be able to record internal audio on your Android Device.

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Is there any No Root Method available?

I didn’t find any method that can record Internal audio without root. So if you know any trick then post it in the comment section.

[Video] How to record Internal Audio In Android

Here is the Video that will guide you step by step about Recording internal audio on android so you can record game’s internal audio.


  1. Hello, I have a question. Can I stream video with Internal output system sounds in Android??? This app is for up to Android 6. You can record on newer Android using RecMe with Internal Plugin….


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