Set Full Size WhatsaApp DP Without Crop: We all use WhatsApp and we always like to know new tricks about WhatsApp so this is a new trick for WhatsApp, Today I am going to share How to Set WhatsApp Profile Pic without crop it or how to set WhatsApp DP Without Crop in your android phone. As we know everyone like to change their profile picture on WhatsApp (Especially girls😀)  and maybe you have faced this problem before or maybe not but many users face this problem because WhatsApp allows only specific resolution for profile pictures so sometimes when you try to make a photo your DP WhatsApp crop it and sometimes an important part of the picture get cropped and this is really annoying. And we do a lot of things to fix this but no luck right?, well don’t worry  In This Guide, I am going to tell you  “How to Set Full Size WhatsApp Profile Picture without Cropping it” This method is 100% safest for all user so don’t worry about anything.

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Set Full Size Profile Picture in WhatsApp:

So Friends, In this tutorial, I am sharing you Some apps, which can help you to set a full Dp on WhatsApp without you can also use this method for Other Social Networking Sites Like Facebook & Twitter etc. which allows only square pictures as a profile pic.

Android Apps – to Set Full Size WhatsaApp DP Without Crop

1. Squaredroid App

Squaredroid App is a simple app that allows you to make your pic compatible with WhatsApp cropping system it resizes a photo in square size so you can set a full picture on WhatsApp.

Follow Some easy steps and you will be able to set Whatsapp profile picture without cropping it. With the help of Simple Squaredroid App, you will be able to enjoy setting any picture as your Whatsapp profile picture, don’t worry about Whatsapp display picture crop system in Whatsapp because this app will resize images to fit in square size without cutting any parts of images and without losing quality. There are some easy steps with also mentioned screenshot have a look at it now from below. This is one of the best app to make Whatsapp profile picture without cropping it. 

  • First of all Download this App from this link.
  • Now open the app and choose 2nd option (Square Profile Photo) and it’ll open your phone’s gallery.

how to set full size whatsapp profile pic without crop


  • Now choose your image and this app will load it to edit it for perfect WhatsApp DP.
  • Now it’ll Show you some options you can choose any according to your requirement like Blur background, color or stretch.

how to set full size whatsapp profile dp without cropping it

  • After Doing all above steps your profile pic is ready and if you want to crop or rotate you Dp you can do it in this app.

how to set full size whatsapp profile pic without cropping it

  • Now save your photo and you can now set a full pic on WhatsApp.

2. WhatsCrop


WhatsCrop is an another app to How to Set Full Size WhatsaApp DP Without Crop, you can use it as an alternative of squaredroid app. All the apps have the same process to make a square a square image so you can do it easily.

Download it from here:

MediaCrop: Photo Editor
MediaCrop: Photo Editor
Developer: Amalgam Apps
Price: Free

You just need to download this app and open it then follow simple steps and you can make a perfect WhatsApp Dp in 4-5 steps. This app is very popular and it has 4+ rating on Playstore so you should try it and you’ll know how to make WhatsApp Dp without crop it.

3. PhotoGrid

Another very cool app with more than 100 million downloads and 4.4 rating, it can do the same for you it can edit pictures for you alongside it can make a perfect Dp for you you can use it to edits pictures like Picsart and you can also make a square photo for facebook, WhatsApp to you don’t need to worry about crop system of fb and WhatsApp. Download it from the link given below.

After Downloading it follow simple steps like you followed in other apps and you can also show your creativity to make your photo look awesome.

4. Square Quick Pro – Photo Editor & Collage Maker

Square Quick Pro is a little bit different app compared to other apps that i mentioned because it provides you all the basic edits but you can also use some face filters like Snapchat so it makes this app different.

And because we are talking about “How to set a full Photo on Whatsapp”  so yes it can do this work for you.


Final Words on How to Set Full Size WhatsaApp DP Without Crop

I mentioned some popular apps that can help you to set full WhatsApp Dp without cropping it but there are a lot of apps available on playsore. I found these apps useful so I shared with you now it’s your decision which app you will use and if you like any of these apps or know about any better app then comment down below so everyone can know about that app.

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