How to take screenshot in iPhoneX without home button: The new iPhone X launched with a lot of changes and it’s totally different with other iPhone devices. Some changes are really new that has created a lot of buzz on the Internet. Everyone knows that Apple never had a plan to built a phone with a big screen but iPhone X has an approx 6-inch display with edge to edge finish.

How to take screenshot in iPhoneX without home button
How to take screenshot in iPhoneX without home button

iPhone X has the actual Face ID features which really works great. Other than that the new iPhone X doesn’t have a Home Button and there are many questions related to home button that every iPhone user wants to know. The home button is used to do some basic task and taking a screenshot is one of them. So Today in this tutorial I’ll guide you how to take a screenshot in iPhoneX without home button.

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In All Apple devices, we knew so far, iPad, iPhone 8, etc. To make a screenshot you had to press the power off button and the Home button at the same time. On the iPhone X there is no Home button and the sequence has changed.

If you have ever been an Android user, it is likely that the new screenshot capture method is familiar to you. To take a screenshot with the iPhone X you need to follow these simple steps:

How to take screenshot in iPhoneX without home button:

  • Open the screen or application on your iPhoneX you want to capture.
  • Long press and hold the button on the right side of your iPhone X.
  • Now at the same time press the Volume Up button.
  • Your screen will flash and a camera capture sound will play indicating that you have successfully taken the screenshot.

It’s that simple, you will have to press two buttons as before but only one of them is different from the one you used to press. Once the capture is done, the process is the same, an animation is shown in the lower right corner and once done we can click on it to edit & you can use the new markup features of IOS.

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