How to lock Adult content on Amazon Prime video: Amazon Prime Video is the great alternative for Netflix and amazon prime is growing it’s audience really quickly.

One of the main reason Amazon Prime worth to but is that you get two days delivery for your amazon products and you gets1 year of free Amazon prime video subscription too. So technically it’s a great deal for everyone who loves to watch videos and movies on online services like Netflix and also do a lot of shopping.

How to lock Adult content on Amazon Prime video

However, you bought amazon prime for you but it’s obvious that more than one people in your house can able to use it. Maybe they are kids and as we know all contents available on any video or movie service are not suitable for kids. So if you want to make sure that your kids do not watch any inappropriate content on Amazon Prime Video then this guide will help you. In this guide, we are going to lock adult content on Amazon prime video so not everyone can watch it without specific authentication.

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(Step By Step)How to lock Adult content on Amazon Prime video

Set Up a PIN for Your Amazon Prime Video Account:

Before you lock adult content on amazon prime video you need to setup PIN for your account. To set up the pin follow the steps given below.

  1. Open the Amazon prime video app and tap on the Hamburger menu.

2. You’ll see a setting option in the menu, choose that option.

3. Now choose parental controls.

4. Now on next screen choose Change amazon video PIN.

5. Now enter your password and choose your PIN.

Note: This PIN will be used for unlocking Restricted content so remember it.

Select Content to lock

Once to are done with setting up the PIN to lock content on amazon prime video, now you have to select the content type that you want to lock.

  1. Go to Setting>Parental Controls and you’ll see three options (Like Step 4).
  2. Choose the First One “Viewing Restrictions“.

3. You have to enter your password to continue.

4. Now you’ll see some age options here we have to choose the age limit.Amazon has the rating based system on videos so if you want to lock 16+ content then leave them locked and choose the limit you want to show content without the PIN. The green dot means your app will not ask pin for the video which is suitable for this age group.

5. Now if you’ll play any video which is allowed for 16+ then your app will ask the PIN.

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Final Words:

So this is the very simple guide on How to lock Adult content on Amazon Prime video. Hope you have locked the inappropriate content on Amazon prime video using this guide. If you have any question write them in the comment section or you can Text me on Facebook.


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