It’s been a while since New Edge Browser by Microsoft has been released which is based on the Chromium project that the most popular Chrome browsers uses as a base. Because both browsers are based on Chromium there are many articles you can see like New Edge Vs Chrome over the internet.

I have been using New Microsoft Edge browser as my primary browser since more than a month and I have found some feature which are really cool and useful, and they can affect your browsing in positive way. So we are going to talk about 4 features that you get in New Microsoft Edge Browser but not in Chrome.

4 new features you get in new Edge

These 4 features are not limited to a particular user type so you may not found all of them useful but hopefully any of them will be useful for you.

1. Immersive reader

Most of the time we look for information on the internet and not all websites have good UI/UX implemented so sometimes the page we are looking aren’t easy to understand because there are many ads or maybe the color combination is not perfect for your eyes. Immersive reader has a bunch of tools which helps you to focus on reading the information you are looking for. Immersive reader has these tools to help you read.

  • Read Aloud
  • Text Preferences
  • Grammar Tools
  • Line Focusing
New Edge Vs Chrome

– Read Aloud :

This feature allows you to listen the article instead of reading, You can turn on this option and it’ll read the article for you. This is not super useful for all but if you are searching for someone who has problem with his/her eyes than this is a very useful feature. The best thing is you can control the reading speed and the accent, The tool provides you more than 15 accents like UK, US, Indian, German etc.

New Edge Vs Chrome

– Text Preferences :

If you are not comfortable with the text size or color of the website while reading an article you can change the text size, line spacing and theme using this option, It gives you more control on what makes you focusing on your screen.

New Edge Vs Chrome tools

– Grammar Tools :

Grammar tools let you highlight Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs etc From the page content for example the title New Edge Vs Chrome, this tool can tell you about the verbs, nouns, adverb in this sentence. You can also split words into syllables so if it is difficult to read a word you can understand it easily.

Grammer tools in edge browser

– Reading Preferences :

This tool gives you ability to set focus on the line/paragraph you are scrolling to and you can also translate the page content to a different language.

Edge 2020 vs chrome features

2. Collections

The new Microsoft Edge Browser gives you a really useful feature to make collection of the things you like on internet. Collections can be compared to the Bookmarks, but they are more neat and easy to access and more understandable because they show you thumbnail of the item and metadata also.


Collections are easy to create just click on the collection icon on top right corner and you can see the collections sidebar. You can add multiple collections for different categories if you want.

Collection sidebar also gives you option to add a quick sticky note so if you want to quickly add something that is in your mind you don’t need to leave your browser. You can add quick note and it’ll be saved into your collection.

3. Download Extensions From multiple stores

Google Chrome has so many extensions on Chrome web store that can be used to extend the browser functionality. In Microsoft Edge you can install extensions from official Microsoft store as well as from the Chrome store.

So you are not limited to use only Microsoft store extensions and it’s good because Edge is new and there are not so many extensions developed for it like we have for Firefox and Google Chrome. Using Extensions from Chrome store allow us to change the browser, but we can keep using our favorite extensions.

4. More Privacy Options

We all know that Google and other websites on internet tracks our history to give personalized ads. In New Microsoft Edge we get a better option t control the third party tracking. This is not the best tracking prevention, but I am sure it’s better than chrome. You can set the tracking protection mode to Basic, Balanced, and Strict.

You can play around with these options and find the best for you. If you choose Strict maybe some websites will stop working because it may start blocking many JavaScript files.

Final Words

There are many features that New Microsoft Edge gives you. These features are tiny but makes this browser better that chrome. You have seen many articles about New Edge Vs Chrome and you may already know that Edge is less resource consuming. There are other reasons too which makes it a better replacement of chrome.


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