How to open NTFS pendrives on your Android: If you use your phon’s OTG feature and transfer data from Pendrive to your phone then you probably knew that you can only connect FAT32 drives to your phone. But if you want to connect NTFS drive you couldn’t do that before but now you can do it.

How to open NTFS pendrives on your Android

your Android device can read pen drives and hard drives in NTFS? We discovered an application that gives us the ability to access files in this format from our Android phone and works great. Do you want to know more? Stay with us and enjoy this tutorial.

Microsoft NTFS USB is the application that makes possible to access your NTFS drive on your Android. it is a driver or driver with the file manager that enables the reading of different disk formats. it does not only read NTFS, it can read almost any format. Also, read FAT32, HFS or exFAT. At first glance, it may be a simple application, but as you can see, it will get us out of trouble in the case when you want to know How to open NTFS pendrives on your Android.

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Before proceeding to tell you everything you need know that this application only allows reading NTFS drives, not the writing on NTFS disks. That is, it will not help us move files from the mobile phone to external memory, but it will work the other way around.

Download the App to open NTFS pendrives on your Android

Details you should keep in mind

  • First and foremost, you have to have a compatible mobile device with USB OTG.
  • Maybe it’ll consume more battery than regular OTG connection(with FAT32).
  • You can’t write data to your NTFS drive using this app.

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Final words: How to open NTFS pendrives on your Android

it is possible to access your pendrives and hard drives from your Android completely free, even if they are in NTFS formats. In addition, this application is very practical, because if in your day to day work with external hard drives and you need to move a file, you can do it from your Android.

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