How to see Instagram stories anonymously:  Instagram stories are one of the main function added to this social network, and the truth is that we are many who not only upload our own stories but also see others. And if we see someone’s story the person will know that who saw that. Sometimes we don’t want that the person now about that. We want to see Instagram stories Anonymously. But there is not any official way that ca answer this question. “How to see Instagram stories anonymously”

How to see Instagram stories anonymously
How to see Instagram stories anonymously

Well here we found a trick that will help you to see Instagram stories anonymously.

How to see Instagram stories anonymously

If you are excited to know How to see Instagram stories anonymously then first keep in mind that this trick will not work on mobile devices. You will need PC to use this trick because this trick is based on a chrome extension.

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To be able to see the Instagram stories anonymously, you have to install an extension for the Google Chrome browser called Chrome IG Story, which you can find in this link . This extension has been developed by Alec Garcia, and while we wait for a similar mobile option to appear, we want to show you how it will work on PC.

How to see Instagram stories anonymously
How to see Instagram stories anonymously

Thanks to Chrome IG Story, you can see the Instagram stories of absolutely everyone you follow on Instagram, or that you do not follow but have their public accounts. so do not forget to take it into account. It is a tool that probably many users will consider, so we are going to add some additional information about it.

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How to see Instagram stories anonymously with chrome

You need to go to this extension page.

Chrome IG Story
Chrome IG Story
Developer: Alec Garcia
Price: Free
  1. Click on Add to Chrome button.
  2. after the successful installation, you can see the extension in chrome bar.
  3. Click on that extension icon.
  4. Type the username you want to see the story or login.



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