Xiaomi’s Smart Gadget for Pets: Xiaomi has just launched one of the most interesting gadgets in its collection, a Smart gadget for Pets. This is probably the most useful thing your Dog/Cat can have, as we have MI Band your Pet can have a belt with the GPS locator and some other features.

xiaomi smart belt for pets

Xiaomi’s Smart Gadget for Pets

This new gadget can track your Dog using GPS so it’s very helpful if you lost your dog. The exciting thing about the belt is, it has a QR code feature so if someone scans it they can contact you.

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Here are some exciting features of Xiaomi Smart Belt for Dog

  • GPS and built-in WiFi
  • Water resistance
  • 30 days of battery life
  • sports monitoring
  • control via mobile

xiaomi smart belt for pets

The locator has GPS and built-in WiFi, so we can get the data quickly. In addition, it has a beautiful design and it is made of the strong material. The QR code makes it awesome so people can know about us and the Pet.

The price of this Gadget ¥199 which is about $30. But this is not available in the global market and very soon it’ll be available on the Chinese sites so if you are interested you can buy from there.


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