There are many Browsers available for PC and Android & all of them are free to use. So we choose a browser that works fast and provides more features.

Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are the most popular browser available on the Internet and No doubt many users use only these 3 browsers most of the time. Although there are other browsers available for free and some of them have many great features that even Chrome and Firefox doesn’t have. Brave Browser is one of the fastest growing Browser we have.


Brave Browser Focused on Privacy

People love Brave Browser because obviously it’s free and focused on Privacy. The Brave Browser is made by the former CEO of Mozilla. The main focus of the browser is Ad Blocking and privacy. The browser also claims that it’s almost 3x Faster than the Chrome Browser in PC.

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Brave Browser has a Powerful Ad-blocking system that blocks most of the Ads and Pop Ups while using the internet. The browser also protects your information to be tracked. So when you use Brave Browser chances are less you’ll see targeted Ads in any other app or browsers. The reason is, it protects your information about what you are searching for and what website you are visiting.

Brave Browser Is now more Powerful with TOR

Obviously, Tor is not a common word for normal users but if you have heard about the Deep Web or Dark Web ever then chances are you have heard about TOR too. Tor is like a VPN which allow us to access hidden web or dark web links which we can’t open with the normal browser. these links end with .onion that’s why they also called onion links. Tor protects our privacy and makes the surfing almost anonymous because this redirects our traffic through a series of nodes which makes to identify our location almost impossible to track.

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Brave Browser: Private Tab With Tor

The new release of the brave browser has a new feature “Private Tab With Tor”. This is basically the easiest way to use tor within the browser. This feature is amazing and impressive because you don’t need to configure Tor before using it, which you have to do when you use the Tor browser. Once you choose this Private Tab With Tor option from the menu brave browser will redirect all of your requests from Tor Nodes and this will add another layer to your Privacy.

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