How to Download Instagram stories: Downloading Instagram stories was always a hectic work. Before today, everyone used to download a third-party application on their device to download stories from Instagram. Now everything is changed, There are numerous websites which allow you to download Instagram stories to your device with just a few clicks and without even installing any third-party apps on your device. Today I will show you a tutorial of one such website which works flawlessly.


The problem with downloading Instagram stories is that the official Instagram application doesn’t allow you to download stories within the app. This is why many users have to download third-party apps on their device to get their work done.

These third-party apps not only takes your storage space but also show unnecessary advertisements on each page you visit. To avoid this I am going to show you how to download Instagram Stories on your device without any application.

We already know that we can download stories and Instagram photos and videos using GB Instagram But many people don’t like to Install GB Insta because of some reasons, So I am going to show you the easiest way to download Instagram Stories in one click without any app.

Without wasting any more time. Let us get back to the tutorial.

How to download Instagram stories Anonymously

Step 1: Visit Instagram Story Downloader and enter the username of the profile you want to download stories of.

instagram tools

Step 2: Once you hit the submit button, The tool will show you all the available stories of that account.Here you can download the stories of your choice. The tool supports the downloading of both Videos & Images.


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Pros & Cons:

Pros :

  • The tool allows you to download stories by just entering the username.
  • You don’t have to install any third party app on your device to use the tool.
  • It works on all platforms. Android, IOS, PC, and Mac.
  • Super fast, No need to login or anything.
  • Doesn’t leaves the trace that someone viewed their story. If there are 0 viewers and you downloaded the story. It will still stay at 0 viewers.

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Cons :

  • Doesn’t works on private profiles.


Downloading Instagram stories used to be difficult in before time. People had to take screenshots, Record their device screen in order to download the video. But with this website, you can easily avoid all the extra efforts and download stories with few steps.

Authored By: Nawaf


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