How to Get YouTube Red For Free: YouTube is the most popular video platform we have and Over 4 Billion videos are viewed each day on youtube. Most of the content is free on YouTube so Youtube makes money by showing ads to viewers.


What is YouTube Red and How to get Youtube Red For Free

If you want to watch Youtube Videos without Ads or want to Block ads on YouTube then you can Buy YouTube Red Subscription and you will be able to get many extra features on YouTube like…

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YouTube Red Features:

  • Ad-Free Video on YouTube.
  • You can Download videos and playlists and watch them offline.
  • Play Videos in Background.
  • YouTube Red Paid content for Free.
  • Google Play Music Subscription.

These are the benefits you can get with youtube Red. But as I mentioned that it’s paid so maybe you don’t want to pay for it or maybe you can’t afford it. Well, There is a way you can get YouTube Red for free.


Maybe all the youtube red features won’t work but most of them will work, so let’s see How to Get YouTube Red For Free.

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Trick to get Youtube Red For Free

There is an Application which is a moded version of youtube and you can get many really cool and paid youtube red features in it. The Best thing about this app is that it works without Root. There are lot’s of fun you’ll have using this YouTube Red Mod app. some features are mentioned below.

YouTube Red Mod APK Features

All the features are same as YouTube Red but I guess you won’t get the Paid content for free and Google music subscription.

  • You can watch Ad-Free Video on YouTube.
  • Works without Root.
  • Download videos and playlists.
  • Play Videos in Background.
  • Themed YouTube (Black edition).

Download YouTube Red APK (Youtube Mod Apk)

There are two files you’ll find in the zip file that you can Download From the link given below. There is a Youtube Red APK & another one is Micro OG.

Download YouTube MOD

How to Install YouTube Red Free

  • Download the zip file and extract it.
  • Uninstall OLD YouTube app.
  • Install “YoutubeBlackNoRootDMG.apk“.


  • Once you install it you can now open it and you’ll have a new Black Youtube.


How to Login your Account in this mod YouTube

For some reason Login will not work Directly so you have to install the another APK “MicroGdmg.apk”.

Once you install this APK now you can log in to your Account.

How to Play YouTube Video in Background

In this Youtube APK, the setting is already enabled so background Play will work but if you want to change it then go to app setting and change it.


Final Words

So, guys, this is the way you can get YouTube Red Features for free and hope you’ll like this trick.



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