ZooPark The malware that steals your WhatsApp conversations: Another malware has reached the Android universe, one capable of stealing passwords, photos, videos and screenshots of both Telegram and WhatsApp. The Name is ZooPark. This bug attacks in Asia and Kaspersky Lab detected it instantly. Terrible, but true.

The amazing thing about ZooPark is that it has evolved over time. This malware started only by stealing details from the device account, but now it can filter key records, clipboard data, browser data (including search history), photos, videos, call logs and data from messaging applications.  The Worse thing is that it has capabilities to capture photos, videos, audio, and screenshots without the user permission.

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ZooPark another malware that continues to affect the Android ecosystem

Kaspersky is a security company that was banned by the government of the United States due to its ” irregularities “. However, the company said that ZooPark has already attempted more than 100 targets. Alexey Firsh, who works at Kaspersky Lab, says the objectives are specifically selected. He also said that the campaign is backed by a state, although the security company did not reveal what it is.

Kaspersky claims that the malicious software was not built internally. ” The latest version may have been purchased by vendors of surveillance tools, ” wrote Alexey Firsh. ” That would not be surprising, since the market for these espionage tools is growing, becoming popular among governments, with several known cases in Asia .”

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Apparently, many of these tools come from the US government itself. Previously, a group called Shadow Brokers stole important information from the NSA. That is, computer thugs penetrated suspiciously the security of one of the most important agencies on the entire planet earth. For this and other reasons, companies like Apple do not trust the government of the United States.

Android malware is a plague that sometimes cannot be avoided. As time passes, malicious applications will continue to arrive from all over the world. Security companies must be more vigilant to protect the integrity of their users.


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