The best use of mobile  Notch: The latest trend in the mobile worlds is the use of Notch almost all mobile companies launching their new devices with the notch.

The trend was started by the giant Apple in it’s iPhone X and all the companies are adopting it. Although there are many people who really hate notch and don’t want that in their phones, still, companies are giving it in all new devices.

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The best use of mobile Notch

If you think about it you won’t find any use of notch, Yes it gives your device a nice look but there is nothing special in terms of functionality and features. If you like notch and you want to know that what’s the best thing you can do with notch then you are at right place. Today we will see The best use of mobile Notch, the coolest and useful thing you can do with the mobile notch.

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Use Notch as battery indicator / Battery bar

If you were thinking that Notch is totally useless then you are wrong because An app developed by an XDA member that make use of the mobile notch to show Battery percentage. You can use your mobile notch as a battery indicator and this is the best use of mobile notch I have seen till now.

The app uses different colors to show the battery amount so you can easily understand the level of your battery and at the same time it gives a cool look to your phone’s home screen.

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Now the bad part is that the app currently supported by a few devices and you should read the app description before installing it on your device. At the moment it only works on Huawei P20 and OnePlus 6, but we are sure that we will see more support in the near future.


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