Branding is the most important thing in running something: a business, company, community, or anything else. Well, usually, to improve the branding of an organization, you need a logo or something that can describe the identity of an organization. Because of the importance of a logo, some brands are willing to spend a lot of money to get one to meet their expectations. Some people are often constrained in the process of making a logo when they want to build a brand from a business. Some find it difficult in terms of design or do not have a good computer to create a logo.

Well, don’t worry. Here I will introduce DesignEvo, which can help you create a logo quickly and easily. DesignEvo is a platform that provides many logos from various fields, ranging from animals, art, transportation, technology, and many more. Uniquely, here we are given many choices of logo designs. We just have to choose the logo that suits our business. For example, technology, later there will be rules and even thousands of logos that describe the technology.

DesignEvo is available on various desktop, Web, and Mobile (Android/iOS) platforms.

What does DesignEvo give you?

Make a Logo free

DesignEvo provides many conveniences to help accelerate your branding. Anything that will be needed for logo purposes is all available here.

  • 10,000+ logo templates: More than 10,000 logo templates are ready to use according to your business.
  • Fonts & Icons: Attractive fonts and icons will certainly improve the quality of a logo. DesignEvo provides hundreds of fonts and millions of icons to add to the beauty of the logo to be created.
  • Fully Customizable: All logo templates that are already available can still be customized according to our wishes. So we can produce a unique logo.
  • Free to Use: The logo can be used for free.
  • Vector Files: DesignEvo also provides SVG and PDF files to produce a good quality logo. So we do not need to worry that the logo image will crack when we want to print it.
  • Cloud-Based Saving: We can save it on the DesignEvo platform and can edit it at any time.

Easy ways to make a logo in DesignEvo

Make a Logo

Okay, let’s just try how easy it is to make a logo in DesignEvo.

  1. First, we go to the DesignEvo website. Then click the “Make a Free Logo” button.
  2. Many logos will appear according to the choice of the desired category. We choose a logo.
  3. We can change many things here, such as Font, Icon, Shape, and background. We can make our logo as unique as possible with a mix of fonts, icons, shapes, and backgrounds.

Well, if the logo feels ready. We can directly download the logo files. Choose the Download button in the top right corner of the editor.

We can download it for free or paid. Just click the “Download a low-resolution free logo” link for a free one.

For paid has two packages, namely Basic and Plus. For the Basic package, we can pay a price of $24.99, and for the Plus package, it costs $49.99.

For the free package, it will be seen that we only get two image files, namely PNG and JPG.

If we choose the Plus package, we’ll get it all. Starting from fonts, images of various sizes, and vector files that have very high quality.

Want to try it now?

I think using DesignEvo to create our own logo is a good choice. Especially if we want everything fast and don’t want to waste a lot of money to make a logo, try it now. Start creating an account at DesignEvo and create your first logo now.


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