Mac Cheats, Useful Commands and Keyboard Shortcuts for Beginners: If you are not familiar with Mac and just using started using Mac then surely you are somewhat lost in operation and interaction with the system. Even for the most experienced users in computing, it is tedious to control and know all the secrets of Mac. That is why today we will teach you the best shortcuts and keyboard commands in macOS.

Useful Commands and Keyboard Shortcuts in mac


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The most useful macOS keyboard shortcuts and commands

As we mentioned before, if you have never touched the Apple’s  operating system then probably you’ll get confused a little bit in the Beginning. Because most commands on Mac are done with the Command key and not with the known Control  Key (for example, Command + C to copy, Command + V to paste and Command + X to cut). Knowing this, let’s show you the shortcuts and keyboard commands in macOS more useful for your day to day. Here we go.

How to Take screenshots on Mac:

Useful Commands and Keyboard Shortcuts in mac

Unlike Windows, Mac needs a series of commands and keys to perform screenshots depending on what we want to capture, whatever the redundancy. Thus, we find the following:

  • All screen : Shift + Command + 3
  • A single window:  Shift + Command + 4 and space bar to capture later
  • A certain selection :  Shift + Command + 4
  • Touch Bar :  Shift + Command + 6

Once the screenshot is done, the .png file will be saved to the desktop of your Mac. In case you do not want to save the file and you are only interested in the image, you can copy the capture to the clipboard by adding the Control key to the previous commands. For example, Shift + Command + 3 + Control.

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Commands for the text editor and documents:

The Different formats in the text editors ( bold, italic ,strikethrough) and the handling of documents, it could be said that the operation in Mac and Windows are very similar. Let’s look at some very useful:

Useful Commands and Keyboard Shortcuts in mac

  • Bold: Command + B
  • Cursive:  Command + I
  • Underline:  Command + U
  • Undo:  Command + Z
  • Redo: Shift + Command + Z
  • Select all:  Command + A

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Interaction with programs and applications:

Useful Commands and Keyboard Shortcuts in mac

There is nothing better than commands and keyboard shortcuts to navigate between applications or interact with them. While some of the shortcuts are very similar to Windows on Mac, so many are somewhat different. Here are the best keyboard commands in MacOS :

  • Move the copied file in the Finder from the original location (which in Windows we know how to cut): Option + Command + V
  • Close applications completely:  Command + Q
  • Switch between applications:  Command + Tab
  • New window or document:  Command + N
  • Save the file or document :  Command + S
  • Print a document :  Command + P
  • Open Spotlight (Mac Search Bar) :  Command + Space
  • Open Siri : Hold  Command + Space
  • Quick view : select the file and press Space

And these are some of the shortcuts and keyboard commands in macOS most useful and used in the Apple operating system. There are many more, which you can browse the official Apple website, but the ones we have left here are the most common.

Mac Cheats, Useful Commands and Keyboard Shortcuts for Beginners

One trick to remember them is to think about the action we want to take in English. For example, if we want to close a program ( Command + Q), here Q means QuitAnother example is in bold ( Command + B). This method is applicable to almost all macOS keyboard commands, so if you do not remember one specific, check this article again or check the official site.

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