How to spy on someone’s phone [Best Secret Spy Apps 2018]: People always curious about to know more about their loved one. For Example, A girl always wanted to keep eye on her Boyfriend or a boy thinks same for a girl. Spy on someone’s phone!!! This sentence seems bad but actually, it’s not. We can see Spying in a positive way if we want 😋. Like if you want to track the location of your employee when you sent him/her out for some reason and he/she don’t know the route. And there are many things where you can use this in a positive way.

Anyway, I don’t know how you’ll gonna use them but today here i am providing you some really useful spying apps for Android.

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These apps are probably the Best secret spy apps for Android that can help you if you want to know How to spy on someone’s phone.

How to spy on someone’s phone [Best Secret Spy Apps 2018]

1. The One Spy

TheOneSpy is the brand that is known as the cell phone monitoring software and it’s been at the top of the list since last many years. It empowers a user to spy on multiple mobile phones running with different operating systems such as Android and IOS. An end user can use it and monitor cellphone of Android and iPhones without jailbreak. It provides Android and IOS monitoring solutions. You can remotely get access to the data of the target Android mobile phone user in real –time and as well as you can get to know the activities happen on the target device with the help of its powerful, exciting, user –friendly state of the features. Moreover, you can get access to the intellectual property of the iPhone device without jailbreak and without the installation of TheOneSpy mobile phone spy app.

Moreover, you can track the iOS device using having the iCloud credentials. However, when it comes to spying on Android cellphones you can use multiple hundreds of TheOneSpy android spy tool. You can monitor surround sounds and conversations using surround monitoring app. Moreover, you can record the live calls on the target cell phone using secret call recording app. However, Android spy app lets you monitor text messages, emails sent/received and browsing activities on the target cell phone connected to the internet. Additionally, it empowers you to track the GPS location with android GPS location tracking tool. It further allows the user to monitor location history and mark safe and restricted areas. TheOneSpy is the best spy to perform live screen recording in real time such as instant messaging apps, browser screen recording and last but not the least you can monitor the logs of social media.


2. Xnspy

Xnspy is one of those spying apps that doesn’t just let you monitor stored data of a phone but also real-time details like a person’s location. You can also use Xnspy to listen to a phone’s surrounding, eavesdrop on calls, and control the phone from a remote location. It’s compatible with all the latest Android operating systems, including Android Oreo. Other than this Xnspy also let you spy on phone call logs, location history, text messages, emails, web browsing history, IM chats, etc. It can help you with your discrete spying mission since you can also hide Xnspy’s app icon after installing it on the target phone.


3. FlexiSpy

How to spy on someone's phone

If you are looking for an app that can give you the total control of victims phone like location tracking, phone call recording, camera spy, voice recording and other stuff then FlexiSpy is the Best spy app for you.

This app allows you to handle victims phone remotely. you just have to install it once on victim’s phone and you are ready to spy.

Get FlexiSpt Here

4. Ear Agent

How to spy on someone's phoneDo you want to hear someone’s secret talk?? It’s a bad thing you know 😏. Anyway if you really want to then Ear Agent app is for you. this app helps you to hear whispers. You can put your earphones and pretend that you are listening to music. But in reality, this app records the audios around you and you can hear them. This also has the equalizer to improve audio quality.

5. Sneaky Cam

How to spy on someone's phone

Sneaky Cam is a great app if you want to click some pics and record videos secretly. Basically, it allows you to use your Phone secretly and even you are clicking photos no one will catch you. Using this app you can secretly record a video but your screen will not show that your camera is open, you can put a wallpaper or open any other app and secretly click photos by just tapping on the screen. So it’s a great app to secretly click photos and shoot videos.

Sneaky Cam
Sneaky Cam
Developer: Ankit kumar
Price: Free

6. Couple Tracker Free

How to spy on someone's phoneIt’s another great spying app for Android that allows you to track someone’s location. You just have to install this on your phone and victim’s phone and you can track the victim’s location. you can also track call details and other stuff. Couple Tracker is the BEST AFFAIR AND CHEATING PREVENTION AND DETECTION MOBILE APPLICATION FOR PARTNERS, lovers and husbands!

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  1. Thanks, Softopia for sharing the best secret spy apps of 2017 post. I want to add BlurSPY app which has more powerful features as compared to these all apps. And BlurSPY can be installed without rooting of the target device. It has an invisible and undetectable hidden live screen recorder feature where you can record a mobile phone screen of target device without letting him know. I hope you can also use this app. Keep posting interesting and helpful content.


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